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Martha Scheckel

Founding Director of Nursing and Professor

  • Education
  • PhD in Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Nursing, Madison, Wisconsin

    Master of Science in Nursing, Clarke University, Department of Nursing, Dubuque, Iowa

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graceland University, School of Nursing, Lamoni, Iowa

    Associate Degree in Nursing, Marshalltown Community College, Marshalltown, Iowa

    Licensed Practical Degree in Nursing, Marshalltown Community College, Marshalltown, Iowa

  • Expertise
  • Nursing education

    Patient education

    Rural health

    Qualitative research (phenomenology and hermeneutics)

As director of the Susan S. Morrison School of Nursing, I am passionate about imagining, building, and leading the development and implementation of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and pre-licensure Master of Science in Nursing programs to help meet the strong regional and national demand for nurses. My teaching areas include community/public health, leadership, and research and evidence-based practice. I use Narrative Pedagogy, which emphasizes multiple perspectives and the lived experiences of students, teachers and clinicians in nursing education.

Why health equity is important to me, and what I do to advance it:

I am a strong community/public health advocate, as evidenced by my substantive record of initiating and leading community/public health nursing services for rural and underserved populations. I apply my expertise in community/public health practice and leadership, increasing the emphasis on the community/public health nursing competencies in undergraduate education, advancing nationally and internationally the science of patient and nursing education, and securing and implementing local, regional, and federal funding for the rural and underserved.