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Students sitting at a long desk speak during a Doctorate of Social Work class.

DSW Featured in NASW Social Work Advocates

Did you know the St. Thomas Doctor of Social Work program is the first program in the country that offered a doctorate-level focused on advanced teaching skills for social work education? 

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) featured our Doctor of Social Work program in their April/May issue of their magazine, Social Work Advocates, and interviewed our program director, Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel. 

The program’s typical student, Fuchsel says, “is the seasoned social work teacher who has been teaching for a long time in the academy [setting], whether they are adjuncting or are lecturers or even assistant professors. they’re instructors in the smaller schools looking to advance their careers.”

The article highlights the DSW's on-campus summer residencies, online course delivery, and banded dissertation. Additionally, it demonstrates the difference between the DSW and a more research-focused PhD program. 

You can read NASW's article about our program and more coverage from NASW on their website.