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Eva Solomonson

Director of BSW Field Education, Clinical Faculty

  • Education
  • MSW, University of Minnesota

    BA, University of Minnesota, Duluth

  • Expertise
  • Refugee mental health

    Cross-cultural social work

    Trauma recovery

    Social work education / clinical supervision

    Holistic and integrated approaches to health and healing

    Self-care / secondary trauma / professional longevity

    Spirituality and social work

Eva is interested in contributing to the formation of caring, competent, healthy social workers. Her practice and research interests relate to best practices to serve refugees and immigrants, providing cross cultural care, and working with trauma. Eva is also interested in the intersection of spirituality with social work – how we can help clients access their own spiritual resources to improve their functioning and how the spirituality of the social work practitioner can be used and impacted by one’s professional practice.

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Solomonson, E. (2015, June). Collaborating with language interpreters: Building more effective bridges to clients who do not speak English. Presented at National Association of Social Workers Minnesota Annual Conference. St Paul, Minnesota.

Solomonson, E. (2015, December). Interpreting mental health. Presented at Children’s Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Northwood, A., Choe, J., Mehta, E., Solomonson, E., & Weiss, A. (2008). Interdisciplinary care at the Center for Victims of Torture. Unpublished whitepaper.

Solomonson, E. (2008, July 22-24). Reflection on connections: A closer look at social rehabilitation and ways to promote wellness in torture survivors. National Capacity Building Institute: Social Services with Trauma Survivors. Snowbird, Utah

Solomonson, E., Telaku, M., Kober, G., Semboze, G., & Muzira, F. (2007, October). Recovering social health: Incorporating social rehabilitation into the treatment plan. Newsletter of the Center for Victims of Torture International Capacity Building Project.

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