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Students uses HES machines while running

Department of Health & Exercise Science

The Student Experience

The Health and Exercise Science Student Experience

Faculty and staff at St. Thomas deliver unmatched individual attention to our students in and out of the classroom—teaching, advising, assisting with internships. The university is thrilled to offer the same kind of facilities and equipment to our HES department that are found at NASA and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. The programs and overall experience we offer go beyond the textbooks—students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the St. Thomas athletic department, student clubs, through volunteer opportunities and in the community.

Majors and Minors

Depending on your major, you’ll study the complex functions of the human body’s response to exercise and learn how to address the complex public health challenges within our community.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science prepares students for a variety of allied health-related career paths or graduate program such as physical therapy, chiropractic, physician assistant, nursing, biomechanics, exercise physiology and other health-related fields.
Exercise Science Major and Minor

Health Promotion and Wellness

In this major, you will learn skills to coach individuals towards achieving healthy lifestyles, and plan disease prevention and wellness programming for schools, worksites, and communities.

Health Promotion & Wellness Major

Public Health

Public health is an exciting field of study centered on improving opportunities and conditions for everyone to achieve good health. To achieve this goal, we use various public health tools including education, scientific research, and policy development.

Public Health Major and Minor
Students and faculty look at the Anatomage Table

Unparalleled facilities, unlimited access

Facilities and Equipment

From the start, our first-year students have access to the same equipment as NASA and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Our facilities and equipment are the best in the state and set up to support huge goals.


Student Opportunities

Department Research

Each year the department awards research funding from the Bridget A. Duoos Endowment to support student and faculty-mentored research. Additionally, students can apply for travel grants to present completed research at a national conference.

About Department Research

Internships and Careers

Our internship coordinator and faculty advisors work with students to help them get the internship experiences and work toward the career they want.

About Internships and Careers
Students observe while athletes run on a treadmill

A unique undergraduate experience at St. Thomas

Sports Science Institute

Discover how students in our Sports Science Institute are helping student-athletes train, perform and recover at a higher level.

Sports Science Institute
Two students sit at the HES club table at activities fair

Be a part of the HES community

Student Clubs

Work one on one with a faculty member to get involved in clubs that promote health, fitness, strength and public health: