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College of Health Research

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Across our programs in counseling psychology, health and exercise science, nursing and social work, our students, faculty and staff have made major contributions to their respective fields. With a special focus on advancing health equity, our faculty have used their research to open up new conversations and ways of thinking in mental, physical, social and spiritual health—and how to integrate these dimensions.

In close collaboration with their professors, our students have similarly broken new ground through their research. Explore some of the research from the Morrison Family College of Health.

Faculty Highlights

Our faculty are dedicated to supporting our students and advancing the mission of the Morrison Family College of Health through their research, pedagogy and mentorship. Discover some of our faculty's research below.
Dr. David Roseborough headshot

Dr. David Roseborough

Why do some mental health clients end treatment before achieving a clinically significant response? Who is likely end treatment early? And what can be done to anticipate, identify, and reduce attrition? Dr. Roseborough examines these questions and more.
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Dr. Bryana French headshot

Dr. Bryana French

Advancing beyond individual-level approaches to coping with racial trauma, Dr. French and her colleagues introduce a new psychological framework of radical healing for People of Color and Indigenous individuals (POCI) in the United States.
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Student Research

From master's-level research papers to doctoral dissertations, explore the exceptional research of Morrison Family College of Health students.

LaShawn Gooden: Doctorate in Counseling Psychology

"Having Multiple Areas Align": A Black Perspective on Holistic Wellness Gooden - explores the aspects and meaning of holistic wellness as it relates to Black Americans.

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Tara Anderson: Doctorate in Social Work

Addressing the Need for Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Education to Prepare Social Work Students for Practice.

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Amanda Ament-Lemke: Master of Social Work

Healing the Mind and Body: Practitioner Perspectives on Integrating Cognitive and Somatic Approaches in Psychotherapy with Refugees, Asylees, and Asylum Seekers.

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Dive Deeper

Are you interested in exploring more of the incredible research from our faculty, students and staff? You can browse all available scholarly work on the University of St. Thomas's Research Online digital repository.