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Ande Nesmith

Associate Professor, Interim School of Social Work Director

I love social work because it encompasses the whole person and the whole environment. I value not only interpersonal human relationships, but our ties to all life on Earth.

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Expertise / Research Interests

  • Outcomes for adolescents in foster care
  • Environmental justice
  • Use of technology to support vulnerable youth and emerging adults 
  • Engaging undergraduates in research

In the News


Schmitz, C., Forbes, R., Nesmith, A., Billiot, S., & Prussia, L., & Lawrence, L. (2019). Intersection of Ecology with Social and Environmental Justice: Historical Context to Action. Workshop of the Environmental Justice Committee, Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting.

Nesmith, A. (2018). Reaching young people through texting-based crisis counseling: Process, benefits, and challenges. Advances in Social Work Practice, 18(4), 1147-1164, DOI: 10.18060/21590

Nesmith, A. (2018). Foster Care in the U.S.A. Impact on Outcomes for Older Youth. Presentation. Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Society for Inclusive Education.

Nesmith, A. (2017). Coping with change: Using the Bridge’s transitions framework with foster youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 78, 41-47. DOI:10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.05.009