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Consuelo Cavalieri

Associate Professor

  • Education
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Consuelo Cavalieri completed her Ph.D. in counseling psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a doctoral intern at the University of California's Child Trauma Research Project, she served as a treating clinician in a randomized control trial of Child Parent Psychotherapy, and evidence-based approach to treating trauma in young children. Her doctoral research investigated the attachment representations of mothers of preschool aged children.

Dr. Cavalieri combines her interest in early childhood mental health with a focus on Indigenous perspectives on family and tribal wellness. She is interested in indigenizing early childhood psychotherapy for tribal peoples by drawing upon their knowledge systems and care networks to inform the healing process.

As a teacher, Dr. Cavalieri is passionate about advancing her students' critical thinking about their areas of interest, whether it is the development of a theoretical orientation or pursuit of a doctoral project. She enjoys integrating online technologies into her teaching and explores professional development opportunities in online environments.

Dr. Cavalieri actively cultivates professional relationships with local communities. She has been an invited speaker at the Minnesota American Indian Mental Conference, delivered guest presentations at the Indian Health Board in Minneapolis, and has been involved in a collaboration with the State of Minnesota and University of Minnesota to train early childhood mental health clinicians in developmentally informed evidence-based approaches across Minnesota.

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Webinar for the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students, Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs, "Advice for Emerging Academics: Reflections on the Job Search and Becoming a Professor" (with Mrinal Sinha).