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A presenter speaks to an audience in an exhibit hall at CSWE 2021.

Students, Alumni and Faculty Present at 2021 CSWE Annual Program Meeting

Congratulations to the Doctor of Social Work students, alumni and faculty who presented at the 2021 Council on Social Work Education's (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting (APM)! Representatives from the School of Social Work were thrilled to have the opportunity to see the amazing work from across the DSW program in-person this year. 

DSW alumni

  • Anne Adcock: “I Know What I Know…Maybe: Examining Faculty Knowledge About Licensing”
  • Mindy Eaves: “Self-Care: An Act of Sociopolitical Liberation for Black Women in Academia”
  • Quincy Dinnerson: “Taking Off the Mask”
  • Jamie Langois: “Racial Justice Focused Field Instructor Training”
  • Norma Love-Schropshire: “Camera On or Camera Off? Inclusivity and the Digital Divide”
  • Mallory Knipe: “The Critical Need for Critical Consciousness: An Exploration of Challenges”
  • Dana Holcomb: “Leveling the Playing Field: The Importance of Formal Mentorship in Addressing Oppression”

Current students

  • Sara Casali: “Intersectionality: What Does It Mean for Social Work Education and Educators?”
  • Monique James: “Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway? Social Work and Racial Justice in Academia”
  • Kate McClernon-Chaffin: “Feminist Academic Co-Mentoring: An Equity Focused Model That Promotes Relationships and Support”; “I’m Speaking”: Online Social Work Education Giving Voice to Women”
  • Ricki Moran: “Social Constructivism: Incorporating Effective Teaching Strategies to Reduce Students’ Fear of Research”
  • Suzanne Shatila: “Decentralizing Privileged Voices in On-line Social Work Communities of Inquiry”
  • Deborah R. Stiles: “Beyond One and Done: Promoting Economic Justice Through Trauma-Informed BSW Education”
  • Jeremy Vu: “Restorative Justice: A Lakota Conceptual Model”
  • Erin Warfel: “Factors Impacting Social Work Faculty Response to Students’ Mental Health Needs”
  • Kym Codallos: "Increasing Competencies in Social Work SUDs Education: A National Collaborative Model"
  • Roxana Holland: “Understanding How the Pandemic Impacted Social Work Field Placements: A Student’s Perspective”


  • Lance Peterson and Jean Roberson (Cohort 3 alum): “Pandemic Practice Preparation: Piloting Teletherapy Simulation Pairing Geographically Disparate MSW Practice Courses”
  • Kari Fletcher: “Covid-Era Equity Needs of Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Critical Feminist Dialogue”
  • Tonya Horn: “Cultural Adaption of Behavioral Health Treatments for Refugees: A Systemic Review”
  • Ande Nesmith and Leah Prussia (Cohort 3 alum) with Christa Gilliam, Christine Velez, Rachel Forbes and Cathryne Schmitz: “Women of Color at the Helm: Toward Dismantling Environmental Injustice and Racism”
  • Ande Nesmith and Leah Prussia (Cohort 3 alum) with Rachel Forbes, Lacey Sloan and Cathryne Schmitz: "Integrating Environmental Justice Across the Curriculum"
  • Ande Nesmith with Dheeshana Jayasundara, Peter Szto, Leticia Villarreal Sosa and Carol Cohen: "Expanding Fulbright Engagement in Social Work"
The School of Social Work was also happy to host its reception again this year, and everyone is already looking forward to next year's conference!